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Hallie Bridal Bracelet

Hallie Bridal Bracelet

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Hallie Crystal Bridal Bracelet Features

Introducing the 'Hallie Crystal Bridal Bracelet' from Divine Bridal

A shimmering crystal bracelet designed to be a charming wedding piece with a brilliant design. The perfect accessory to complement you on your wedding day.

Key Features

  • Material: Crafted with high-quality materials for durability and a brilliant shine.
  • Design: Features sparkling crystals arranged in an elegant pattern, adding a touch of glamour to any bridal ensemble.
  • Style: Trendy yet timeless, perfect for brides who appreciate classic elegance with a modern twist.
  • Size: Measures 17cm in length, providing a comfortable fit for most wrists.

Design and Elegance

The 'Hallie Bracelet' is a stunning piece that offers a brilliant shimmer, making it the perfect accessory for a bride. The crystals are meticulously set to reflect light beautifully, ensuring you sparkle with every movement. Its elegant design is versatile enough to complement a wide range of wedding dress styles, adding a touch of sophistication to your overall look.

Perfect For

  • Brides seeking an elegant and sparkling accessory for their wedding day
  • A thoughtful gift for bridesmaids to coordinate their look
  • Enhancing any formal attire with a touch of glamour

Size and Fit

With a length of 17cm, the 'Hallie Bracelet' is designed to fit comfortably on most wrists, providing both style and ease of wear.

Environmental Responsibility

Divine Bridal is committed to crafting jewelry that is as environmentally responsible as it is beautiful. This bracelet is made following strict standards, ensuring it is lead-free, nickel-free, and cadmium-free.

Presentation and Gift Box

The 'Hallie Crystal Bridal Bracelet' comes beautifully packaged, ready to be worn or gifted. It makes a perfect addition to your wedding day ensemble or a cherished gift for a loved one.

Hallie Crystal Bridal Bracelet Features

Feature Detail
Material High-quality materials with sparkling crystals
Design Elegant crystal arrangement for a brilliant shine
Style Trendy yet timeless, perfect for bridal wear
Size 17cm in length
Environmental Lead-free, nickel-free, and cadmium-free
Presentation Comes beautifully packaged
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