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Hilda Luxurious CZ Bridal Drop Earrings | Divine Bridal

Hilda Luxurious CZ Bridal Drop Earrings | Divine Bridal

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Hilda Cubic Zirconia Bridal Drop Earrings Features

Introducing the 'Hilda Cubic Zirconia Bridal Drop Earrings' – a masterpiece crafted for the modern bride who cherishes both tradition and trend.

These exquisite earrings from Divine Bridal boast a cascade of finely cut cubic zirconia, culminating in a stunning water drop end.

Key Features

  • Material: Durable and polished brass, providing a perfect backdrop for the sparkling stones.
  • Stones: Premium quality cubic zirconia, cut to maximize light reflection and brilliance.
  • Style: Each earring is a harmonious blend of vintage charm and contemporary elegance, with a drop style that sways gracefully with your every move.
  • Size: With an overall length of 3.7 cm and a width of 1 cm, these earrings are proportional and flattering for any face shape.
  • Plating: The rhodium plating ensures a durable, tarnish-resistant finish that mimics the cool luster of white gold.

Design and Elegance

The 'Hilda Earrings' are designed not just for visual appeal, but for comfort too, ensuring they can be worn throughout your special day without any discomfort. Whether it's your wedding, anniversary, or any celebratory event, these earrings will serve as a statement piece, capturing the essence of the occasion with elegance and flair.

Perfect For

  • A striking addition to a bridal gown or evening dress
  • A thoughtful and luxurious gift for bridesmaids or a bride-to-be
  • An heirloom-quality piece to commemorate a significant moment

Presentation and Gift Box

These earrings are a testament to Divine Bridal's commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and style. They come in a lovely box, ready to be worn and adored.

Hilda Cubic Zirconia Bridal Drop Earrings Features

Feature Detail
Material Durable and polished brass
Stones Premium quality cubic zirconia
Style Vintage charm with contemporary elegance, drop style
Size 3.7 cm in length and 1 cm in width
Plating Rhodium plating for a durable, tarnish-resistant finish
Design Cascade of finely cut cubic zirconia with a water drop end
Comfort Designed for comfort to wear throughout the day
Presentation Comes in a lovely box, ready to be worn and adored

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