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Julia Circular Lace Veil

Julia Circular Lace Veil

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Product Details:

  • Colour: Ivory.
  • Size: Face veil 75cm x total length 200cm.
  • Design: Circular double layer with lace edge.

Product Description:

Celebrity Elegance with the Julia Veil

The Julia Circular Lace Veil is a stunning addition to any bridal gown, adding a dash of class that will make you feel like a celebrity. This exquisite accessory features a circular design with two layers, beautifully finished with a delicate lace edge.

A Fusion of Styles

Embodying both contemporary and vintage elements, the Julia Veil is a versatile piece that will captivate onlookers and add a touch of romance to your bridal look. Its ivory shade ensures it complements a wide range of wedding dress styles, from the modern to the classic.

Designed for Unforgettable Moments

With a face length of 75cm and an overall length of 200cm, this veil provides ample coverage while maintaining a light, ethereal feel. The double-layered design not only adds volume but also allows for a variety of styling options to suit your personal bridal look.


The Julia Circular Lace Veil is more than just an accessory; it's a statement of refined elegance and timeless beauty. Perfect for the bride who wants to combine modern chic with traditional charm, this veil promises to make your wedding day look unforgettable.

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