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Nyla Bridal Shoe: Elegance Meets Comfort

Nyla Bridal Shoe: Elegance Meets Comfort

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Introducing the Nyla Closed Toe with Ankle Strap - a piece of art, a nod to vintage elegance, and a bridal shoe that exudes grace. The sheer craftsmanship of this shoe is epitomized by its luxurious satin finish that instantly elevates any bridal ensemble.

Elegance meets functionality in the Nyla Bridal Shoe. The closed toe design ensures a sophisticated look, perfect for brides seeking timeless charm. And the addition of the ankle strap? It’s more than just a beautiful detail. It serves to securely hug your foot, ensuring that amidst all the dancing and walking on your big day, your shoe remains a steadfast partner.

While the Nyla shoe spells sophistication, it doesn’t compromise on comfort. The modest heel height of approximately 6.5 cm is a practical choice for any bride. Whether you're gliding down the aisle, posing for photos, or dancing the night away, this heel height ensures you remain poised and comfortable. It’s an ideal blend of style and wearability, which is often a rare find in bridal shoes.

An important note for our discerning customers - the size 40 right foot shoe does possess a subtle variation in shade in comparison to its left counterpart. The reason? It had its moment under the spotlight as a display stock item. We believe in transparency and hence, have provided a photo for your convenience. Even with this slight difference, the Nyla shoe remains an embodiment of beauty. In fact, this unique characteristic has granted it a special place in our collection and we offer it at an even more attractive price point.

Here's an invitation to embrace this little quirk and enjoy an additional discount on a shoe that is bound to fetch you compliments galore. So, if you're a bride seeking to intertwine classic elegance with unmatched comfort, the Nyla Closed Toe with Ankle Strap is the perfect choice for you.


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Customer Reviews

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Shoes fit well and overall ok.
Yes in the listing it mentioned one shoe was faded from display lights. That's fine. However one shoe had food stains on them. Not sure how they get that as a try on only shoe or display.
Anyway it was a reduced price and it will do the job. Just annoying about the stains.
Had to email the store to prompt them to dispatch as my order just sat there for almost 2 days. I paid extra for express.