Purchase Of Gown & Accessories 

You are required to pay a deposit of 30%

 Production Time

6 Months before event time. Within that time, you will receive a call to arrange your 1st, 2nd and final fitting.  With each fitting you will be required to pay 30% of the total cost and upon collection (final fitting) pay the remaining balance.



If you need to cancel your order for any reason you have 2 days to do so from the date below and you will not be charged. If more than 2 days, you will lose your 30% deposit. Once your fittings have commenced and the deposit have been paid there will be no refunds. In the case your event date has passed and the gown has not been collected there is a holding fee of $40 month. Also if for any reason you do not pay this fee or after 4 months the gown hasn’t been collected, we have the rights to resale.



We provide a 3-month lay-by if you have brought of the rack, onwards would we charge a holding cost of $30 a month until you pick up your wedding or your alterations start.



Your alterations are not included when purchasing your gown, but you are more than welcome to get your alterations done elsewhere. If you do decide to proceed with us, we will do your measurements and schedule in your 1st fitting 2 months prior to your wedding day and then follow up with your 2nd fitting 1 month prior.  Your final fitting will be 2 weeks prior to your wedding day and your gown will be ready for you to collect on that same day. On the collection day you will need to carefully check over your gown and be satisfied before you leave, as we hold no responsibility after it leaves our premises. If you need to change any of your appointments, please call 48hrs beforehand. If your measurements change 2 sizes or more by the 1st fitting or we have already proceeded to work on your gown, there will be an additional fee of $200 - $400.