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Ameli Wave Ribbon Veil

Ameli Wave Ribbon Veil

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Product Details:

  • Width: 170cm.
  • Face Length: 75cm.
  • Total Length: 85cm.
  • Material: American tulle with a satin wave edge.
  • Layers: Circular.
  • Type: Hip-length veil.
  • Colours: White and Ivory.
  • Attachment: Attached to a comb for easy placement.

Product Description:

Unforgettable Elegance: The Ameli Veil

The Ameli Wave Ribbon Veil captures the essence of bridal elegance and the magical moment of donning a veil. Made from luxurious American tulle, this hip-length veil in white and ivory is finished with a satin wave edge, adding a sophisticated and modern touch to your wedding attire.

Designed for the Modern Bride

Featuring a circular layer that is 170cm wide and gathered at the comb, the Ameli Veil creates a flattering, soft silhouette that complements a variety of bridal styles. The veil’s length of 85cm ensures it falls gracefully at the hip, perfect for brides seeking a chic and contemporary look.

Celebrate Your Bridal Moment

There’s something truly magical about the moment a bride puts on her veil. The Ameli Veil, with its easy-to-place comb attachment, is designed to make this moment as seamless and memorable as possible, allowing you to walk down the aisle with confidence and style.


Choosing the Ameli Wave Ribbon Veil means embracing a blend of traditional charm and modern sophistication. Its exquisite American tulle material and unique satin wave edge make it a standout choice for any bride looking to make her aisle walk a moment to remember.

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