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Amora Pearl Veil

Amora Pearl Veil

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Product Details:

  • Colour: Ivory.
  • Material: Soft tulle with scattered pearls.
  • Layers: Two-tiered, attachable on separate combs.
  • Feature: Face tier easily removable for reception visibility.

Product Description:

A Modern Vision of Bridal Elegance: The Amora Veil

The Amora Pearl Veil embodies the perfect blend of contemporary style and classic bridal elegance. This two-tiered veil, crafted in a soft ivory tulle, is speckled with delicate pearls, adding a touch of refined glamour to the bridal ensemble.

Versatile and Chic

Designed with modernity in mind, the Amora Veil features two separate tiers attached to individual combs, allowing for a versatile look throughout the wedding day. The face tier can be effortlessly removed post-ceremony, revealing more of the bridal gown and transitioning smoothly into the reception look.

Tailored to Your Style

Available for purchase as individual pieces or as a complete two-tier (2T) set, the Amora Pearl Veil offers flexibility to suit every bride's preference. Whether you opt for the full dramatic effect of both tiers or the subtle elegance of one, this veil adapts to your desired wedding day style.


The Amora Pearl Veil, with its scattered pearls and detachable tiers, provides a modern update to the traditional bridal veil. Its soft tulle and elegant design ensure that you capture the essence of bridal beauty, making your wedding day look unforgettable.

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