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Anita Veil

Anita Veil

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Product Details:

  • Colours: White and Ivory.
  • Sizes: 1 meter and 75cm.
  • Material: Soft US tulle.
  • Design: Single-tier with raw hand-cut edge.

Product Description:

Embrace Sleek Simplicity: The Anita Veil

The Anita Veil is a testament to the modern bride's preference for sleek and simple elegance. Available in both white and ivory, this veil is designed to complement a range of bridal styles and palettes, offering versatility in lengths of 1 meter and 75cm.

Designed for Modern Elegance

With its raw hand-cut edge, the Anita Veil embodies minimalist charm, cascading down in a fluid motion that adds a touch of sophistication to your bridal ensemble. Whether paired with a classic wedding gown or a contemporary dress design, this veil enhances your look with its understated beauty.

Tailored for Your Special Day

The choice between the longer 1-meter veil and the shorter 75cm option allows brides to select the perfect length that not only suits their style but also harmonizes with the overall theme of their wedding.


Opting for the Anita Veil means choosing a bridal accessory that epitomises sleek simplicity and modern elegance. Its high-quality US tulle material and thoughtful design ensure that you radiate grace and sophistication on your wedding day, making the Anita Veil a quintessential choice for the discerning modern bride.

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