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Sweet Blossom Seashell Lace Gown

Sweet Blossom Seashell Lace Gown

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Regarding our made-to-order wedding dresses, the creation process typically takes approximately three months. To assist you in selecting the perfect size, we have included a size chart in the photos. Once you have placed your order, kindly provide us with your size details.

Product Description:

Elegance & Design: Embrace the essence of bridal sophistication with the Sweet Blossom Lace Wedding Dress. This exquisite creation, set in a unique Seashell hue, exudes contemporary charm with its A-line silhouette and dreamy v-neckline, adorned with intricate lace. Perfect for a beach wedding or a grand ballroom affair, this gown is a declaration of modern elegance.

Customization & Versatility: The Sweet Blossom is a celebration of individuality, featuring delicate straps that allow for personal customization. At Divine Bridal, our bridal salon specializes in making your couture dreams come true, from adding a bespoke corset to tailoring the neckline. This gown is your canvas for creativity.

The Divine Bridal Experience: Our mission at Divine Bridal is to redefine the bridal shopping journey. Our Melbourne bridal boutiques are sanctuaries of inspiration, where every gown, from sexy after-party dresses to minimalist lace wedding attires, is a reflection of diverse bridal aspirations. The Sweet Blossom invites you to a realm where bridal dreams are woven into reality.

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Enchanting V-Neckline, Flowing Silhouette Made-to-Measure, Versatile Styling Luxury Bridal Dresses, Design Your Own Champagne Wedding Dress, Fairy Wedding Dress
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Explore our Unique Bridal Collection for gowns as unique as each bride.

The Sweet Blossom is not just a dress; it's a promise of your unique story coming to life. With its luxurious lace, flattering design, and versatile options, it stands as a beacon of Divine Bridal's commitment to beauty and individuality. Join us in Melbourne to discover your perfect fit and to step into the gown that will transform you on your most cherished day.

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