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Teia Bridal Wedding Hairband: Floral Elegance in Silver

Teia Bridal Wedding Hairband: Floral Elegance in Silver

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Teia Bridal Wedding Hairband: A Symphony of Silver and Crystals:

Unveil the charm of the Teia Bridal Wedding Hairband, a captivating adornment for any bride. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this headband features handmade silver leaves interspersed with shimmering round solitaire crystals, embodying a floral elegance. Its 29.5 cm length gracefully accommodates a variety of bridal hairstyles, from loose flowing waves to sophisticated undoes.

The Teia headband not only enhances your wedding day ensemble with its sparkling crystals and silver accents but also offers a timeless floral motif that complements both classic and contemporary bridal looks. Perfect for brides seeking a touch of glamour and romance, this hairband promises to be a stunning addition to your bridal accessories.


  • Style: Ideal for any bridal look, harmonising with both traditional and modern themes.
  • Materials: Handmade with sparkling crystals and silver leaves.
  • Design: Elegant floral motif that adds a sophisticated sparkle.
  • Size: 29.5 cm, designed to suit various hairstyles.
  • Colour: Radiant silver, providing a versatile and luxurious hue.
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